i Lipo

 i-lipo  is a revolutionary noninvasive liposuction treatment that is used for body shaping and fat reduction. The i-lipo system utilizes photomodulation, which initiates the body’s natural response to release the contents stored within fat cells. Together with a proper diet and increased exercise, the i-lipo treatment can provide long term, sustainable weight loss. It uses low levels of energy which creates a safe and painless bio-stimulation effect in the targeted fat tissue.


Cellulite Reducer

Cellulite Reducer Treatment

This toning and smoothing treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite. The combination of vacuum suction and radio frequency are used to lift up the skin together with subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue and to do a deep massage as sucking and puling enhancing the blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification function.Caffeine extract oil massage helps to reduce the orange peel look and improves the appearance of your skin.

$170 (60 minutes )

Dead Sea Salt & Grape Seed Oil Treatment

A complete body exfoliation, using Dead Sea salt that unclog pores, improves circulation, moisturizes the skin and increases its ability to remain hydrated.

$90 (50 Minute Treatment)


The Body Slimmer Treatment

It combines AHA's, Caffeine extract oil and other active ingredients with concentrated seaweed clay to stimulate and help slim the most common problematic areas such as thighs and buttocks leaving your skin tight and hydrated.

$90 (50 Minute Treatment)

Nourished Marine Body Wrap

This mineral rich body wrap detoxifies and moisturizes your body. Wrapped in a warm blanket, the heat will help your skin for a better absorption of minerals and vitamins of the seaweed treatment.

$90 (50 Minute Treatment)

Honey Almonds Body Polish

Honey and almonds body scrub gently buff away skin impurities and soften dull and dry skin leaving it nice and polished.

$90 (50 Minute Treatment)

CAVI LIPO Treatment

This is a Noninvasive Treatment that requires No Recovery Time

In a relaxed atmosphere, a trained specialist will use a safe device that uses concentrated ultrasonic waves and mechanical massage to reduce  the circumference of your hips, thighs, buttocks by stimulating the reduction of the fatty tissue. After few regular sessions it helps to crack the stubborn cellulite,dissolve and reduces the fatness, tightens the skin and sculpture the body contour.





Mud Wrap

Costumed blended aroma essential oils, combined with mineral rich mud, this body treatment draws impurities from the body and restores the balance of your skin.

$90 (50 Minute Treatment)

Sweet Treat Raw Sugar Wrap

Natural raw sugar scrubbed onto the body with enzyme exfoliants to eliminate your dead skin cells. Body wrap with mango and papaya extracts are layered onto the skin, while you relax wrapped up from head to toe enjoying a scalp massage. This finishes with fruity body butters and moisturizers, leaving you fresh and hydrated.

$90 (50 Minute Treatment)

Essential Back Facial

This treatment is customized for your skin needs using natural ingredients for that hard to reach area of your body that doesn't get enough attention. Ideal for exfoliation purposes, hyper pigmentation, acne, comedones and hydration.  Treatment begins with a double cleanse followed by a thorough skin analysis . Next we steam, exfoliate, extract all blackheads, tone and molisturize. An hydrating mask is included... your back will feel & look better than ever before.


Bikini Facial

This customized treatment includes a topical peel or micro dermabrasion to lift off the dead skin cells as well as break down discoloration on the skin. This will help to reduce the spots and ingrown hairs from the sensitive bikini area.

$70 (40 Minute Treatment)